The Nigerian FM Roundtable 2019Strategies for Implementing Global Standards in Nigeria’s Facilities Management Sector

With Real Estate assets becoming an integral part of business operations, brand identity, and corporate culture, organizations globally are, more than before, paying serious attention to not just the look and feel of their buildings; but ensuring that their management standards are consistent across all their locations.

Also, with the increasing interests of global brands in Africa and consequent pickup of the Real Estate industry on the continent, the need to leverage local capacity to deliver global standards is still largely unmet; with only few indigenous Facilities Management companies able to demonstrate this capability.
In Nigeria, the situation is not different: global brands are entering the market and the Real Estate industry, particularly the office space market is responding – although currently oversupplied – with the required sophistication in terms of design and technology.
While the country is witnessing entry of some global FM companies, the issues remain how to localize global standards on the one hand; and how local FM companies, who are now upscaling to standards such as the ISO 9001:2015, will implement with local capacity, on the other hand.

The Nigerian FM Roundtable 2019 seeks to – against the backdrop of the ISO 41000 FM Standards – spotlight trends around localizing global FM standards, the challenges in the Nigerian market, and strategies that can help local FM companies and businesses implement global standards.



Strategies for Implementing Global Standards in Nigeria’s Facilities Management Market


Nigeria Facilities Management Report 2019, by IWFM







SpeakersSome of the speakers For this edition of the Nigerian FM Roundtable include…

Engr Femi Akintunde

MD, AlphaMead Facilities & Mgt Services Ltd

Femi is an Industrial Engineering Graduate with a Masters degree in Engineering Management. An accomplished engineer and business management professional with strong entrepreneurial drive. His passion for excellence won

Wole Olufore

Managing Director, Alpha Mead Facilities

Wole Olufore has more than 23 years cognate experience handling various contracts, and procurement management, administrative and dynamic leadership roles in oil and gas companies like Shell Nigeria and

Damola Akindolire

Managing Director, Alpha Mead Development Company

Damola Akindolire is a building professional with more than 7 years experience in the real estate industry. He has vast experience in physical assets management as well as project

Erejuwa Gbadebo

MD, International Real Estate Partners (IREP) Nigeria

Erejuwa is the Chief Executive of IREP, Nigeria – a young Real Estate service and consultancy firm prominent for offering end-to-end solutions to corporate tenants in Nigeria. A member

Prof. Babatunde Green

MD, Alpha Mead Healthcare & Management Services (AMHS)

Prof. Babatunde Green has over 35 years of progressively advanced carrier in healthcare in both private and public sectors internationally. His qualifications include BSc. (Medical Technology), BSc. and MSc.

George Etomi

Principal Partner, GEPLAW


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Keynote Address

Strategies for Implementing Global Standards in Nigeria's Facilities Management Market | George Etomi, Principal Partner, GEPLAW

As Nigeria positions for global investments, Real Estate and Infrastructure will play critical roles in the value chain that delivers both sustainable economic development and enhanced living condition for the country and its people.

In addition, building human capital capacity and standards to support the provision and management of these critical infrastructure and Real Estate will also be very key. Therefore, organizations and government must be deliberate in their approach to grow local capacity to implement global FM standards in their various spheres.

This keynote seeks to open up the Real Estate & Facilities Management (REFM) sector in Nigeria, highlight trends around global standards, identify challenges inhibiting the implementation of global standards in the different sectors of the nation's economy and make recommendations about strategies to get Nigeria up to speed in the global scheme of things.

Research Presentation

Nigeria Facilities Management Report 2019, by WIFM (
aka BIFM)
According to Global FM, the global Facilities Management industry is estimated at US$1.15 trillion, with 65,000 professionals and industry participants worldwide. As Africa opens for global investment, this is expected to increase and the Global FM ISO standards will be a game changer.

This section of the Roundtable seeks to present the position of Nigeria's FM industry. The goal is to create a platform for discussion of the various aspects of the FM Market in Nigeria and how these sectors interact with standardization currently and what a global FM standard such as the ISO 41000 will mean to these sectors.

About World FM Day

The World FM Day was introduced in 2008 by Global FM, a worldwide federation of member-centric organizations committed to providing leadership in the Facilities Management profession.

The body aims to ensure quality assurance in FM as well as to promote the strategic values and progress of the Facilities Management profession by leveraging the Global FM member associations' strengths, knowledge and experience.

The theme for this year's commemoration is Celebrating global ISO FM Standards

About the Nigerian FM Roundtable

The annual Nigerian Facilities Management Roundtable is an annual Business-to-Business, high-calibre event organized by one of Africa's leading Total Real Estate Solutions Company, Alpha Mead Group in commemoration of the World FM Day.

Since its inception in 2012, the Roundtable has played host to close to a thousand C-Suite and senior management executives in both Nigeria and Ghana, providing a veritable platform for discussion and strategies among FM service providers, customers and other members of the Real Estate value chain.

The Roundtable focuses on overcoming current obstacles in the Real Estate and FM Market in the face of evolving opportunities across Nigeria and Africa.

Roundtable Objectives

  • To discuss issues, trends and opportunities of cross-border FM contracts and best practices in service delivery.
  • To bring together stakeholders to discuss the role of FM in restoring confidence in Nigeria's Real Estate Industry.
  • Highlight the roles of FM Standards in Real Estate sectors such as Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, etc.
  • To identify Critical Success Factors that can give FM the required attention within the Real Estate and infrastructure value chain in Nigeria


This is a high-level, VIP, policy-discussion event. Admission will be on the quality of information provided in the columns below

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